P1020763-1JCChild In Need Institute, India (CINI) has been helping mothers and children in India break free from the cycle of poverty since 1974. Many poor women in India do not have access to adequate nutrition, health care and education. We know that the most effective way to support the children is to empower their mothers.

Education, health  and economic opportunity for a woman builds a foundation for the well being of her child and lasting change for her community. Women have an active role in developing programs with CINI to ensure that they have a more equitable share of resources.  As a result, this generation and the next  have greater opportunities and choices in their lives as their basic needs and rights are met.

CINI focuses on sustainable improvement in Health, Nutrition, Education and the Protection for women and children. It aims to overcome the barriers of poverty, caste and gender that affect the lives of the poor and vulnerable in India.

CINI liaises with government and the local communities to ensure delivery of  services and influence policy.

In 2009 CINI Australia, Child in Need India, was founded to give Australians the opportunity to join with Child In Need Institute and “ help the mother, help the child ” in India.

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Celebrate Mothers Day with your family and friends

and help one of CINI’s mothers provide for her children

Saturday 10th May 2014

More information and how to book Mother’s Day


Child In Need Institute is working towards the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).  

Millennium Development Goals

At the United  Nations Millennium Summit in September 2000, 187 nations gathered together

to come up with an action plan for development. This action plan became known

as the Millennium Declaration and included 8 goals,to be achieved by 2015.

From the United nations Millenium Declaration 18.09.2000



“……As leaders we have a duty

……. to all the world’s people, especially the most vulnerable

and, in particular, the children of the world, to whom the future belongs.”

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